K-4 National History Standards

These guides have been adapted from: The National Center for History in the Schools National Standards

Biographies of the Nation

Teachers create a primary source museum using images to teach about the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.

Planners and Curriculum Guides

Lesson Planner (PDF)
Does your lesson address the K-4 standards? Find out with this one page guide.

K-4 National Standards Curriculum Guide (PDF)
Use this "curriculum map" to find objectives for each standard and "lesson cues," which are activities and lesson ideas that will ensure your lessons meet the standards.

Sample Project Worksheet
K-1 teacher, Evelyn Ybarra, used the K-4 standards to map a lesson that would help her students understand timelines.

Teacher Projects
Heroes and History: Using Story to Tie Young Minds to the American Past by Peter Strand, Irving Elementary School